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Do you plan on moving to Canada? You won't be alone! Statistics show that one out of five people living in Canada moved there from a foreign country. Since it is such a vast country, many people find moving to Canada the perfect option. And being that its next door neighbor, the United States, get most of the international attention, moving to Canada is also very common with people who want to take things a little slower.
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Moving to Canada for the open wide spaces is very common. Although not as popular as the United States, Canada is the second largest country in the world. People also find themselves moving to Canada for the job opportunities. After all, Canada is one of the top 10 most productive economies in the world. And since there is so much available room for growth, moving to Canada is top on the list for entrepreneurs all around the world.
Moving to Canada ? Visit the Niagra Falls
The larger urban areas like Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto attract the most people who are moving to Canada. This could be because of the large number of expats who share the same language and customs as those in the process of moving to Canada. After moving to Canada most people find the culture to be numerous and intricate, with many correlations to France and UK. Hence English and French are declared as official languages. Most people who are shipping to Canada don't know that it is still part of the commonwealth, and Queen Elizabeth is still the head of the state.
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Immigrants moving to Canada will also find it to be deeply similar to the United States in many ways. The two countries share a very long and common border, which makes moving to Canada easy for US citizens. Interestingly, the first people to have practiced moving to Canada were the aboriginal tribes of many years ago. Relocating to Canada was probably easier back then.
Moving to Canada ? Life in the City
The bursting economy is making a lot of people consider moving to Canada. Natural energy resources, vast mineral reserves, gold, and nickel are making moving to Canada look more like a gold rush. Jobs in these industries are abundant. Automotive, space and aeronautics are heavily sought after by workers moving to Canada. Still, industry and trade are not as powerful as that of the United States, regardless moving to Canada remains very popular. Recent success stories are mainly attributed to manufacturing and service sectors. Workers moving to Australia are looking to benefit from the country's employment protection laws, which are not as vigorous as those in Europe, but still much better than in the United States.
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As Canada moves forward and advances in technology and business, many immigrants moving expect to see meaningful increases in the wages and promotion in the foreseeable future. The tax system is lower than in the United States, making the country more attractive and further promotes moving to Canada.
After moving to Canada you can tour the country on train
Why consider moving to Canada? A lot of times, citizens will get angry with the condition of their country. Maybe they don't like the leaders, or the system of government. Maybe they are frustrated with the corporations running every aspect of their lives. One thing, however, is for sure: whenever a person is faced with unfair or unreasonable situations, moving to Canada often comes to their minds. Even on television, many times actors will state in the heat of an argument, ?that's it, I'm moving to Canada!"
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In any case whether they will actually be moving to Canada is another story. Talking about moving to Canada and actually moving to Canada are two very different things. If a person actually proceeds with moving to Canada it shows that they are dedicated to their ideals. Packing up all their belongings and moving to Canada is a big step to make.
Many people consider moving to Canada for the scenic surroundings
If you have friends or family who are moving to Canada, try to make them happier about their choice. For example, if a friend comes and tells you he is moving to Canada, you should always respond by telling them that you have family that has already moved to Canada try and be positive. Tell them how you were told about the free healthcare and low crime rates. This will help them to feel that moving to Canada was the right choice.
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As with most immigrants moving to Canada, finding the hot real estate markets is of the utmost importance. The popular employment centers of Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa are attracting a lot of employees who are moving to Canada. Recent statistics about moving to Canada show that Ottowa and Toronto are the top destinations for job seekers.
There are things you need to know if you are moving to Canada. The Canada Customs regulations clearly state only the owner who is moving to Canada can clear his goods in person. No other person, especially someone who is not moving to Canada, may show up and try to clear the goods. After your items have moved to Canada, a customs representative will call you and set a date for you to come into their office. There the person who is moving to Canada will make a customs declaration.
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At Shipping 2 Canada we want to make sure the process of moving to Canada is a smooth and easy as possible for you. Therefore understanding the documentation and regulations involved in moving to Canada is very important. Knowing what to expect and what to do when moving to Canada is necessary for a successful move. The following are documents needed to be presented and other things need to be known by one moving to Canada:
  • Moving to Canada - Employer Letter of Intent
  • Moving to Canada - Work Visa
  • Moving to Canada - Valid Passport (for every member of the family)
  • Moving to Canada - Photo Identification (for every member of the family)
  • Moving to Canada - Birth Certificate
  • Moving to Canada - Marriage Certificate (if the person moving to Canada is married)
  • Moving to Canada - You must be present for your belongings to clear customs
  • Moving to Canada - Your belongings will be "held in bond" until you appear
  • Moving to Canada - All boxes you packed by yourself must be labeled "packed by owner"
  • Moving to Canada - All boxes packed by yourself must have a list of the items inside taped to the side
  • Moving to Canada - Moving to Canada with food, liquor tobacco, or pets? Check with Canadian customs first
  • Moving to Canada - Moving to Canada with firearms, ammunition, explosives, or endangered species? Forget about it
  • Moving to Canada - Two copies of a detailed list of everything you are moving to Canada

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